Let’s face it, pain, anxiety, shame, confrontation, and addiction can be pretty touchy subjects. But I like to think these topics are a bit more user friendly. With a combination of compassion, practical tools, and a healthy dose of humor, I empower people to create and live the life they desire.

Topics I Frequently Speak On

Processing Emotions:
Processing Pain
Performance/Control/Facing Failure
Loving Yourself/Body Image

Renewing Your Mind to Win At Life:
Change your Mindset Change your Life: Crash course in: Emotional Health/Neuroscience/Spirituality and everything in between
Know Thyself  (Enneagram/Myers Briggs)
Money & Self Worth
Always Be a Beginner: How to make your dreams a reality

Navigating Life’s Relationships:
Healing Parent Wounds
Communication:How to Confront/Healthy Boundaries
Genesis: My Favorite Book About Sex
Romantic Relationships: Codependency/Attachment Styles

God is Love:
Knowing The Voice of God
How God Sees Us
Jesus was Human

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