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So many of us live a life reactivity making calculated decisions in hopes of avoiding pain or earning love.  Together we will go on a journey of discovering when and where you began to shut down parts of yourself and get love and compassion into those places. Whether it’s addictive behavior, anxiety, stress, self-hatred, performance, fear, or shame in your sexuality I can help in your journey towards freedom. I will empower you to take ownership of your life and help you begin to build the life you’ve always imagined.

What I Do

I don’t believe people are in need of fixing. We’re all beautifully whole and wholly human. And in that humanity, we all need help from time to time. With a combination of practical tools and compassion, I help my clients face everything from performance, eating disorders, sexuality, shame, addiction to anxiety.

Your journey to freedom starts now! I am currently accepting clients in Nashville, Tennessee and via Skype.

Initial 75-minute session – $90
Regular 60-minute session – $75

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